Project Team Responsibilities

Project Team Responsibilities

Project Team Responsibilities

Team cooperation

Project Leaders

*Take the responsibility for key initiatives

*Coordinate project team


*Interested in or affected by project

*Contributes to the project by providing feedback


*Provides material, products, or services needed

*Delivers supplies on time and provides services or goods at the agreed cost.


*Expert in an area of profession

*Responsible for completing activities in the project plan related to their expertise in the subject.

publish time: 2021-03-01
Lisa Anderson

It is a diagram of project team responsibilities. This diagram talks team cooperation through introduction of four roles.For example, project leaders take the reposibilities for key initiatives and coordinate project team. Formulate the project plan, manage the project and the results according to the plan, and include recruiting project personnel, leading and managing the project team, and determining the methods used in the project. Click for more information.