Organization Chart of North Company
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Organization Chart of North Company

Deputy CEO

Brand Marketing Department

Three Northeast Provinces

Integrated Management Department

Shandong Province

Production Department

SCM Department

Financial Management

Project management

Deputy General Manager

Deputy General Manager

Investment Advisory Department

R&D module

Business support

Technical Support

regional sales

House technology

Military goods sales

international sales

Solution module

Domestic sales

Warehouse Logistics

Procurement management

Sheet workshop

Production office

House workshop

QHSE module

public relationship

Human Resources and Administration

Board Division

Housing Division

Deputy General Manager

publish time: 2021-03-04

This template is a four-level company organization chart. Each level is distinguished by a different color style, which can make the hierarchical relationship more obvious. Organizational chart provides a detailed visual representation of an organization, key individuals, teams, and the relationship between them. charts are mostly related to established firms, government sectors, or huge organizations with a complex hierarchy. The specific content is for reference.

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