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T- Shaped Matrix for Companies

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Captain O Captain
Published on 2021-03-11
This diagram is a T-type shaped matrix. It is the combination of two L-type matrices joined by a single list. There are three groups of items where group A is related to both group B and group C. But group B is not connected to group C. This matrix chart is used to analyze the relationship between three factors with direct or indirect relationships. For example, focusing on model B shows that it is produced in large volume at the Mississippi plant and in small volume at the Arkansas plant. Zing Corp. is the major customer for model B, while Arlo Co. buys a small amount. Focusing on the customer rows shows that only one customer, Arlo Co., buys all four models. Zig Corp. buys just one. Time Inc. makes large purchases of A and D, while Lyle Co. is a relatively minor customer. For more examples, please check out our edrawMax template gallery.
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