Corporate Voting System Workflow
Use immediately

Corporate Voting System Workflow

Check Calender for Conference Call

Conference Call in Voting Week?

Moderate Conference Call Discussion


Wait Until Thursday 9 AM


Moderate E-mail Discussion



Receive Vote

Increment Tally

E-mail Vote Deadline Warning


Vote Tally

Delay 6 Days

Workflow Diagram - Scheduling Conference Call

publish time: 2021-03-11
Captain O Captain

In this example corporate voting system is explained using workflow diagram type. Here the employees votes were taken either through email or through conference calls. If the voting is not received within the deadline a email warning will be sent. Finally voting will be incremented using tally system. Workflow diagram is a visualization of process when people ocupied in their work. Through this diagram, anyone can check this work's processes, and track each stage during work. Learn more from this diagram, or learn more in this template gallery.

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