Human Resources Responsibilities
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Human Resources Responsibilities

Human Resources Responsibilities

Human Resources Strategic Planning and Planning

According to the company's development strategy, business plan and human resource management status quo, formulate human resource strategic planning and annual work plan, put forward and organize the implementation of the plan to ensure the implementation of the strategy and business development, and continue to optimize the human resource management system and workforce, and establish and maintain the company Human resource management advantage and human resource advantage in market competition.

Formulate and continuously optimize and improve legal, standardized and effective human resource management rules and regulations and work processes, and publicize, promote, inspect and ensure the implementation of various human resource management systems and processes.

Design the company's organizational structure in conjunction with relevant departments, clarify the responsibilities and staffing of each department, and guide the preparation of job descriptions; recruit and deploy employees according to the staffing and vacancies to meet the company's employment needs.

Develop and organize the implementation of the employee grade system and training system to enhance the professional competence of employees and the leadership of management personnel.

Design performance management tools, organize the performance management of each department in conjunction with relevant departments; organize, implement and supervise the performance management of employees in each department to improve employee productivity.

Formulate and optimize human resources system

Fixed posts and recruitment and deployment


Performance management

publish time: 2021-03-12

Human resources responsibilities are mainly divided into five parts, which are the five parts of human resource strategy planning and planning, formulation and optimization of human resource systems, job assignments, recruitment and deployment, training and training, and performance management.

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