Cross Sell Proposed Process
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Cross Sell Proposed Process

MALAWI/ ZAMBIA SALES TEAMCMA CGM MOZAMBIQUECEVA MALAWI/ZAMBIACreate List with Sensitive consignee's (Untouchable's List - 7 days to Vessel BerthTEXTRemove Untouchable Consignee's Sell border Clearance/Bond and Depot services if Applicable to the rest of the ListTEXTRemove Untouchable Consignee's upload as LeadsTBL Discharge file Sent Crosscheck against Untouchable listCrosscheck against Untouchable listUpdate Lost/Won in CRMEndCross Sell Proposed process TBL Inland
publish time: 2021-03-15

Here is a horizontal flowchart about the cross-sell proposed process, from which it includes three stages. At the very beginning, create a list with sensitive consignees (untouchable list), and then 7 days to vessel Berth. Crosscheck against the untouchable list, remove untouchable consignee's upload as Leads. Finally, remove untouchable consignee's sell border clearance/bond and depot services if applicable to the rest of the list. Learn more details from this flowchart, or just try to make yours with ease.

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