Animal Flashcards Part 4
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Animal Flashcards Part 4

Pig [pɪg]

Rabbit ['ræbɪt]

Rhinoceros [raɪ'nɒs(ə)rəs]

Sea Lion [siː] ['laɪən]



English Vocabulary Flashcard 4 - Animals

publish time: 2021-03-17
Captain O Captain

Animal Flashcards are an incredibly versatile study tool that gives your brain a very quick way to check if you have the answer right. With the help of Animal Flashcards, students can engage in active recall which teaches their brains to remember the terms, concepts, or processes without context clues. Flashcards allow children to make associations. In the following Animal Flashcard, students are taught to use vocabulary. For instance, it shows the images of a particular animal, its name, and how it is phonetically written. The phonetic sound helps the student to understand the pronunciation and the vocabulary of any animal. The animal flashcards are used to improve cognitive development as it increases the awareness in the students about the world around them while maintaining the motor skills.

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