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Animal Kingdom Tree Chart

Publish timeļ¼š03-17-2021
Animal Kingdom classification is important for understanding how all living organisms are related. Based on the Linnaeus method, species are arranged groups based on shared characteristics. The Animal Kingdom Tree chart gives a brief insight into the topic details in the form of an arranged chart as it makes it easier for the students to understand how the animals are related to one another. The attached Animal Kingdom tree chart is classified under two major groups, the vertebrates, and invertebrates. The vertebrates are animals that possess an internal skeleton known as an endoskeleton. This endoskeleton is made up of an internal column of vertebrae. Animals like fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, marsupials, primates, rodents, and cetaceans all fall under vertebrates. Whereas animals like Phylum Porifera, Phylum Cnidaria, Phylum Ctenophora, Phylum Mollusca, and Phylum Echinodermata all fall under the invertebrates.
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