FedEx SWOT Analysis
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FedEx SWOT Analysis





  • The company has a massive network throughout the world
  • The brand has a massive economy of scale since they get many consignments to reduce their fixed cost
  • Nearly two decades before, the company made a move towards technology
  • The major problem which the company generally faces is the damages caused especially during transport
  • In reality, the transport damages the reputation and honor of the company
  • The majority of the company’s revenue is dependent on the US government
  • Ecommerce is a profitable company nowadays
  • Speedy deliverance always has a profitable side as it holds the customer’s satisfaction
  • The company has strategic tie-ups with many e-commerce companies, which helps them raise their market share
  • The primary threat is the market saturation of FedEx
  • Suppose the fuel cost increase, the bottom-line of the company gets affected
  • The company needs to balance the capacity and demand as well





FedEx SWOT Analysis

publish time: 2021-05-20
Lisa Anderson

As for the FedEx SWOT analysis, the abbreviation of FedEx is Federal Express. Initially, this name was in use between 1973 – 2000. This American origin company is now best known as FedEx. Many companies of the same segments have evolved now and then. Even they have proven themselves equally efficient as well. Thus to keep a stagnant position of such a renowned and reputed logistics company, the brand needs to identify their factors, internally and externally. It shows the importance of the FedEx SWOT analysis. Learn more details from this SWOT analysis now!

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