Hope in Christ Circular Diagram
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Hope in Christ Circular Diagram

Trust in the Lord's TimingDo Not Wait for Blessings; ActEternal Life is For All Who Keep God's CommandsFaith in Christ and His GraceDivine Origin and PotentialKeep Gospel Covenants

Finding Belonging Through Christ

Hope in Christ

Talk by: President M. Russell Ballard

Graphic Organizer by: Madi Schlesinger

All these blessings are only possible because Christ has descended below everyting and, through His Atonement, has overcome the world. By building our faith in Him and His promises, we are accessing that Atonement through our repentance.

Although we may not attain all the characterstics or perfections of eternal life in this life, if we are repenting and living the Lord's commandements, we will receive eternal life. The Lord alone can judge.

Waiting on the Lord implies action. Our hope and belong in Christ can be found as we serve others. Serving others is not conidtional on marital status and we can gather Israel as we do so.

Each of us is a divine child of Heavenly Father that has the potential to become like Him. We can find we belong by realizing we are part of His eternal family and that He loves us.

All those who keep and live their gospel covenants will have the opportunity for exaltation, regardless of marital status. God rewards desires and deeds.

While we do not know the timing of the blessings we hope for, we know that they have been assured to us as faithful saints. All we know is that all things will be set right at the Millenium.

publish time: 2021-05-26
Madi Schlesinger

This is my project for the living prophets.

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