Building Core Plan for Project
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Building Core Plan for Project

Site Plan Measurement Details

Internal Road

Internal Road

20 Feets

40 feets

Plot No. 38

Plot No. 39

The Proposed plan is for Industrial Connection Obtainment Process for Plot No. 38 located at Keshav Godown at Talod Harsol Road. The said property is leased by Mr. Pranav Solanki.

Internal Wall Breadth : 20 feets

Internal Wall Length : 40 feets

Total Carpet Area : 1600 Sq. Ft.

Add :

Plot No. 38. Keshav Godown, Talod Harsol Road, Madhavgadh, Talod

Directional Details :

On North : Internal Road 18 Feets

On South : Internal Road 18 Feets

On East : Internal Road 24 Feets

On West : Plot No. 39


This is a referal map and doesnt signify any on site measurements. This map is for Gujarat State Electricity Board

consideration Only.

publish time: 2021-06-04
Vishal Choudhary

Here is a building core plan for project No. 38 room. Evacuation plans are an essential part of building construction and architecture, working as a guide map for safe exit in case of a calamity or hazardous situation. Building Codes in all countries require the contractors or building developers to submit a well-defined evacuation plan to get compliance with the codes of safety against incidents. Learn more details from this plan, or try to make yours with ease.

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