Donut Chart
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Donut Chart






Select the chart and move the yellow diamond handle to change the pie chart data.

Select the chart and use floating action button to set the chart options.

Select a series sub shape in any category or a legend sub shape to set the fill style.

Select a sub shape to move it out of pie chart

Press F1 to get more help in the product manual.

24%19%33%24%Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4

Green Business Reports

publish time: 2021-06-04

A donut chart is essentially a pie chart with an area of the center cut out. As the below image suggests, donut charts are meant to express a “part-to-whole” relationship, where all pieces together represent 100 percent. Donut charts work best to display data with a small number of categories. Using a donut chart to create a sustainable business or a green business is an enterprise that has a minimal negative impact or potentially a positive effect on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy -- a business that strives to meet the triple bottom line. As the donut chart diagram suggests, the goal of green business is to eliminate any negative impact on the environment on both a local and global scale. Use EdrawMax to create donut charts as it has hundreds of predefined templates.

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