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Charity Donation ER Diagram

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Published on 2021-06-04
Use EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online to create a charity donation ER diagram. This graphic designer software has several tools that help you design the entity-relationship diagram. The below image shows that the ER diagram has the Charity_Employee with Employee_ID, E_Name, E_Password, Status, E_Task, E_Phone, and others. The received donation has information about the type of donation and details of the person who has donated. As the below image suggests, a charity aims to fall into categories that the law says are charitable. These are things like preventing or relieving poverty or advancing the arts, culture, heritage, or science. A charity donation ER diagram model is used widely by database designers for communicating their ideas. The model maps well to the relational model and can be easily converted to the relational model by altering the ER model to the table.
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