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Product Management ER Diagram

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Published on 2021-06-04
The product Management Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram can be created using tools like EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online. The image below shows that the product management ER diagram has three main components: entities, attributes, and relationships. The product management has entities like products, order_details, orders, product_options, products_categories, customers, categories, and options. The product management has attributes like ID, Option_ID, Product_ID, Order_ID, Customer_ID, Shipping_Address, Order_Address, ORder_Email, Order_Date, Order_Status, Password, Full_name, Biling_Address, Default_Shipping_Address, Country, Phone_ID, ad others. It should be noted here that an entity-relationship model is a graphical approach to database design. It is a high-level data model that defines data elements and their relationship for a specified software system.
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