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Wilson Hall Emergency Evacuation Plan

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Published on 2021-06-04
Following is the emergency evacuation plan of the fourteenth floor of the Wilson Hall, created using EdrawMax. The graphic designing tool has several inbuilt templates that let you generate evacuation plans as per the building's requirement, just in the case of the Wilson Hall, where proper exit strategy is denoted. In addition to this, the following Wilson Hall emergency evacuation plan has fire extinguishers adequately marked. So in case of any emergency, the residents will know which way they have to take to come out of the hall without hurting themselves. A systematic evacuation plan helps to efficiently and safely get people away from an area where there is an imminent threat, ongoing threat, or a hazard to lives or property. As the image suggests, there are three stages of evacuation, immediate evacuation, lateral evacuation, and partial evacuation.
Fire Escape Plan
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