WBS Template for User Acceptance Test
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WBS Template for User Acceptance Test

UAT and Training completed

Project specific roles in place

Test sites in place


Testing completed

Train QA testers

Train agents for service and marketing

Configuration & customrization site in place

Agent test site in place

Training and customer site in place

Train administartors for service and marketing

Establish customer training hubs

Book agents travel and time

Allocate supplier test roles (release manager, test-specific author)

Allocate customer roles (QA team, administrators)

Prepare for QA

Perform core functionality testing

UAT of customization

Write test cases from solution

Define validation criteria

Write FAQ for testers

Confirm test plan and test schedule

WBS - User Acceptance Testing

publish time: 2021-07-01

This is WBS template for User Acceptance Testing includes branches for training, project-specific roles, test sites, and testing completion. Each of these components are further branched out to show a subdivision of effort required to achieve an objective. This template also provides a high-level plan of how one needs to organize and take in feedback from UAT process. There are many template resources available in EdrawMax please do visit the EdrawMax website to learn more about the diagrams.

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