The Probate Process Workflow Diagram
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The Probate Process Workflow Diagram

Hearing Date on Petition for Probate

Public Notice of Petition to Administer Estate atleast 15 Days Prior to Hearing

Mail Notice to Persons Entitled to Receive Notice atleast 15 Days Prior to Hearing

File Bond; Submit Letter and Orders for Probate to Court

Prepare Inventory and Appraisal Send to Probate referee for Valuation File with Court

Give Notice to Known Creators; Accept or Reject Creators Claims

Pay Debts, File Tax Returns, Sell Property if Needed to Pay Debts and Expenses

File Accounting and Final Petion for Final Distribution

Mail Notice to Interested Persons atleast 15 Days Prior to Hearing



Hearing Date-Judge Signs Judgement of Final Distribution

Distribute Assets, Record Judgement; File Receipts on Distribution; File Final Income Tax Returns if Required

File Declaration for Final Discharge

File Petition for Probate

Workflow Diagram - The Probate Process

4 to 6 weeks

4 Months to 1 Year

4 to 6 Weeks

publish time: 2021-07-01

This is a workflow diagram for probate proceedings. Anyone who was involved in the probate process knows how the complex process it is. In order to better understand the process it is advised to use workflow diagram type. In this example of probate proceeding, the court oversees the process of identifying the person's property, paying any debts, identifying the proper heirs, and distributing the property to them. Time period for the completion of the each step is mentioned in the example. It can be modified based on the state or Jurisdiction. Users can also pin the website links, tax forms, additional forms etc., using this template diagram using EdrawMax

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