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Cloud Telephony Diagram

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Rubens Araújo
Published on 2021-07-23
Cloud telephony is a type of unified communications service (UCaaS), essentially enabling organizations to run a business phone system through their internet connection. The below Cloud Telephony Diagram is created in EdrawMax Online. The free cloud-based graphic maker comes with over 26,000 symbols and has over 250 different types of diagrams, making it easier for you to create a Cloud Telephony Diagram. As the below image suggests, Cloud Telephony offers business voice services run and managed by a third-party operator or host. It should be noted here that Cloud Telephony works through a VoIP service provider. When you dial the phone number you want to call, your service provider handles the routing. It converts analog voice signals into data packets and transmits them over your internet connection. That's how it connects your phone to the person you're calling.
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