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Mind Map for Road Not Taken

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Published on 2021-08-02
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Here is a mind map about the book "Road Not Taken". Frost wrote the poem to tease his chronically indecisive friend, Edward Thomas, who misinterpreted the meaning and enlisted in the military shortly thereafter, only to be killed two years later in WWI. “The Road Not Taken” was originally published in The Atlantic in 1915 along with two other poems from Frost. Once the poet was walking down a road and then there was a diversion. He had to choose one out of these two roads. The poet kept standing there and looked at the path carefully as far as he could see it. The narrator says that after looking at the first road, he decides to take the second, as it's "just as fair." The narrator also chooses the second path because it is "grassy and wanted wear," meaning that the grass is growing long on the second path and it seems as though fewer people have traveled along with it. Learn more details from this mind map, and try to make yours with ease now.
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