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Product Manufacturing Process Roadmap

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-08-20
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The following roadmap shows the product manufacturing and how the enterprise can improve its business in the next five years. The process improvement roadmap is an outcome of the assessment exercise, indicating what can be improved and how, who is involved and accountable, the timeframe required by the change, and how it suits the business needs. In the first year, the team will develop character, define the process, identify the QTAs, estimate financial benefits, and others. In the second year, the team will establish a data collection plan, collect data, and validate measurement. In the third year, the team will analyze data to process, capture sources of variation, among others. In the fourth year of improvement, the team will generate solutions, evaluate & select solutions, implement solutions, and verify effectiveness. In the fifth year, the team will work on document improvement, institute dashboard, document project, etc.
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