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DC Motor Speed Controller Circuit Diagram

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Published on 2021-08-30
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DC Motor a very useful electronic component in now a days. With the help of DC motor we can easily convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. The speed of a DC motor depend on the input current but sometime we can increase and decrease the speed of a DC motor by just simply using a DC motor speed controller. All the details linked to this circuit is given in the article. Such as Schematic diagram, components list. What is a DC Motor Speed Controller? DC motor speed controller is such a circuit through which we can easily control the speed of a DC motor. In this circuit the speed of motor does not depend on the input current. We can easily adjust the speed of a motor by just simply rotating a Potentiometer. What Material required to make this project? • 555 IC • Irfz44 Mosfet • 47k, 10k, 560ohm Resistance • 0.47uf and 1000uf,25vCapacitor • 100k Potentiometer • 1n4007 Diode
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