Scientific Method Example
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Scientific Method Example

Step 1

Ask a question


Record your response/Findings to Each Step

Step 2

State your hypothesis

Step 3

Conduct an experiment

Step 4

Analyze the Results

Step 5

Make a conclusion

Scientific Method Graphic Organizer For Experimental Design

publish time: 2021-09-08
Lisa Anderson

This design will work as a scientific method graphic organizer for experimental design- from hypothesis to conclusion. This is a comprehensive end-to-end scientific graphic organizer that can be used by school students to explain all the necessary steps of a scientific experiment. The graphic begins with a space for the student to write their research question. This is followed by spaces where students can write down their hypothesis, then their experiment, and then their results. There are also separate boxes for the students to write about what they thought, what they did, and what ultimately happened in the experiment. There is also adequate space provided for the student to write down their conclusions in a separate box.

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