Poster of Health Care
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Poster of Health Care

Skillful health workers in Myanmar are unevenly spread between the rural and urban parts of the country with fewer in remote areas. We need to find more ways to provide access to healthcare for those who are hard to reach because of their location. Using the engineering design process, it’s possible to do this. The first step is to identify the problem which is employing more healthcare workers and access to healthcare. To solve this we need to train more people in healthcare and create or move healthcare centers to provide access to healthcare to harder-to-reach areas. With an organization like Project Hope, we are able to train more healthcare workers to help in the most relevant health challenge, Covid-19. To provide access to healthcare centers in lower-income communities, we might have to move some centers from the higher-income areas to the lower-income areas. The problem with training more healthcare workers is that working as a healthcare worker doesn’t have many benefits, an overload of work, and not enough access to technology. The problem with moving healthcare centers is the proper investments need to do so. With the help of organizations who are willing to help we can accomplish this and work through those problems.

Can the Engineering Design process help us solve this?

Myanmar needs our help!

How can we spread healthcare?

Rural parts of Maynmar are in need of healthcare

publish time: 2021-09-11
Darrion Bogan

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