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Spider Diagram with 3 Sub Topics

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Published on 2021-09-16
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This spider map, also known as a semantic map, with three sub-topics, is a graphic organizer that can help brainstorm thoughts, ideas, and aspects of a topic or theme. The main idea of the topic is mentioned at the center of the map, with sub-topics and sub-ideas surrounding the central theme throughout the map. The map can be used for writing papers, storing, or brainstorming research ideas. As compared to only thinking, writing the ideas on the paper can be an excellent starting point of any assignment. It provides a clear view of how all the different sub-topics and ideas relate to the central theme, the conflicts, and what plot twists can be added to make the story more engaging. Based on the map, a brief overview can be written for taking the idea further and writing a full-fledged story or research.
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Spider Diagram with 3 Sub Topics
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