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Intemal Reimbursement Process

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Published on 2021-09-18
As one of the leading diagramming tools for businesses, EdrawMax or EdrawMax makes it easy to build any process modeling system, from the most elementary layouts to complex and sophisticated models. These free BPMN templates are 100% customizable and allow the user the freedom, which other high-paid tools fail to offer. In the below business process diagram, employees complete the fields and attach receipts/invoices. When they create a new expense report, all the information is stored in one place. The reviewer of the report can immediately approve it, reject it, or request more information. This cycle can be repeated until all necessary information is included to justify the expenses. It should be noted here that one can edit the workflow and make sure it enforces reimbursement policies of the organization. For instance, if expense reimbursements for more than $500 must go through a supervisor's approval, the workflow could look like what is shown in the below graphical representation.
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