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Enterprise Architecture Capability Map

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-09-18
1. Introduction

An enterprise capability map shows the highest level business capabilities that a particular enterprise needs to succeed. You can create these enterprise business capabilities and map diagrams using EdrawMax as the free capability map diagram offers 100% customization. The Reference Architecture for Teaching and Learning map includes a library of typical capabilities related to teaching and learning. 

As shown in the below enterprise capability map, capability analysis can be extended to other parts of the enterprise, such as research. The following capabilities of the RATL map are divided into three major areas: strategic, core, and supporting capabilities.

2. What is Capability Map

Technology's role in the digital age has shifted from supporting company planning procedures to becoming the primary factory for strategy execution. Customers receive their shirt ordered online the next day, they may read their newspaper on an iPad during their journey, and the invoices for these services are completed without delay thanks to information technology. As a result, the problem of bridging the gap between IT strategy and implementation becomes far more critical.

3. How to Create a Capability Map

1 - Recognize the requirements
It's impossible to make supporting decisions if the IT department doesn't know where the company is going. As a result, reviewing your company's strategy and objective documents, or even better, involving those who define the plan, such as the strategy or corporate development department, is a smart place to start.

2 – Establish your company's capabilities
Consider the major capabilities that your company requires to function. Only a few crucial ones should be on the first level (level 1). The top 100 LeanIX workplaces were studied.

3 - Evaluate your abilities
All Capabilities are not created equal. Assess Capabilities against a set of criteria to serve as a foundation for future analysis and planning.

4 - Connect Capabilities to Apps
Link your Capabilities to your apps in the final, but equally crucial, stage. Unlike IT components, applications are usually tied to a specific business goal. Business users collaborate with them to produce value. As a result, apps are the ideal bridge between business and technology architecture.
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Enterprise Architecture Capability Map
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