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House Wiring Diagram Circuit Diagram

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Published on 2021-09-30
What is Single Phase House Wiring? Single Phase House Wiring is the most common wiring in the residential buildings. In single phase supply, there are two one is the Phase and second is the Neutral Lines. Which is coming from Utility poles through energy meter & distributed in house through distribution board. Uses of Single Phase House Wiring Diagram? Wiring diagram is built before building the House construction. So its use to identify underground electrical pipeline for underground wiring and identify all electrical applicances. Requirments? 1.Energy Meter 2.Bulb 3.Dual Pole MCB 4.ELCB 5.Single Pole MCB 6.Bus Bar 7.Electrical Board with Socket and Switch 8.Fan and Fan Regulator
circuit diagram
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House Wiring Diagram Circuit Diagram
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