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5V 5Amp Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Publish time:09-30-2021
Power supplies are very useful to those who put their first step in electronics. Beginners in electronics do not have a proper source of power to test their homemade circuits and devices. So this is a power supply of 5 volts which can give 5 Amp Max at the output. You can easily run 5v 5Amp devices easily with this power supply. What is a High Amp 5v Power Supply?? A high amp power supply is very useful in testing high load projects. A high amp power supply can give more than 3 of 4Amp at the output. Now, this is a 5-volt high power supply which means at the output it can give only 5 volts but in a high current amount. Through this power supply, you can rent your High amp Motors and many more. Components Needed: 1) 4x1n4007 diode 2) 12v 5A Transformer 3) TIP 42 Transistor 4) 1 Ohm 2Watt Resistance 5) 3300uf, 50v Capacitor 6) 0.33uf Capacitor 7) 10uf Capacitor 8) LM7805 IC
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