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LM358 Amplifier Circuit Diagram

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Published on 2021-09-30
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When we are in a good mood then surely we want to listen to some songs. So the amplifiers all the best to listen to songs at that instant. But, if you don't have an amplifier then you can make the smallest amplifier circuit by using and small IC. You can create this amplifier circuit by using few electronic components which you can easily found them in old scrap circuits. What is an Amplifier Circuit? An amplifier circuit is a Basic circuit that is used to amplify the frequencies. The audio amplifier can increase or amplify the frequency of sound easily. Here we use an op-amp IC to amplify the audio signals. You can attach an 8-ohm speaker to this IC to get a better quality of sound. This is a Mini yet power for amplifier circuit for audio amplification. You can also use this circuit to make Bluetooth speakers. Components Needed: 1) LM358 IC 2) BD139 Transistor 3) 100k, 1 Ohm Resistance 4) 2.2uf, 470uf Capacitor 5) Speaker
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