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Metal Detector Circuit Diagram

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Captain O Captain
Published on 2021-09-30
Creating a metal detector circuit having great fun because through it you can easily detect metal. Here in the circuit, we use a transistor to make it easier to make. If we increase the diameter of the copper coil then its power of detecting metal will increase. This circuit is a simple prototype circuit to test the waveform when metal is that near to the copper coil. When we connect an oscilloscope to this circuit and get a metal nearer to the circuit then the oscilloscope shows the bigger waveform. What is a metal detector Circuit? Metal detector circuit which contains copper coil and when a metal is kept near to this copper coil, the oscilloscope shows the change in the waveform. A simple circuit which is made up of transistor and few More components which are easily found in old scrap circuit. Components Needed; 1) BC 547 Transistor 2) 220R, 47k Resistance 3) 2x 1nf, 10nf, 4.7nf, 47uf Capacitor 4) Buzzer
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