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Arduino LED Chaser Circuit Diagram

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Publish time:09-30-2021
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You can easily create a LED circuit by just simply using transistors but this work can be easily done by Arduino also. But You might be thinking that what is Arduino? Don't worry Arduino is just a simple microcontroller that starts working when any command and programming is installed in it. Simply you have to program the Arduino for led chaser and connect the led with Arduino digital pin and your led chaser is ready. How does Arduino Led Chaser work? Simply we connect all led negative legs together and make the ground and we also use 220ohm resistance with led positive to safeguard our led. Here we connect all led positive leg to the digital pin of Arduino as described in the Arduino coding and we don't forget to give 9v DC power supply to Arduino. Now as the code set for the led chaser is uploaded in Arduino and your circuit works well. Components Needed: 1) Arduino Board 2) 5X Multi Coloured Led 3) 5x 220 Ohm Resistance
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