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Oreo - Opinion Writing

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Published on 2021-09-30
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Present here is an OREO writing graphic organizer. This graphic organizer allows a student to form their opinion and forward their reasoning with the help of examples. The acronym OREO has four letters and each letter is dedicated to a column in the worksheet. O stands for Opinion. In this section, the student can pen down their opinion. This is followed by R that stands for Reason. The students can enumerate their reasons in this section. The letter E is for Example. Here, the students can write examples supporting their reason. Lastly, O stands for Opinion restated. In this column, the student can reiterate their opinion. This specific diagram allows a student to write not one but two reasons behind their opinion and they can present two supporting examples as well. Oreo opinion writing worksheets prove quite a productive teaching resource. These help students in brushing their logical minds.
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