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Hand Drawn Style Infographic

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Published on 2021-09-30
The diagram shows an arrow timeline. Some Lorem ipsum text is provided in place of heading. The timeline begins below the heading. There are three right arrows placed one after other horizontally. Just below the three arrows, there are three left arrows placed parallel to the right arrows. Upper half of these arrows are colored, with year and an icon printed on all six. Lower half contains some Lorem ipsum text. Starting from left of the right arrows, the first is light blue in color, with the year 1990 and a bulb icon on it. The second arrow is dark blue, with year 1995 and a cogwheel icon on it. The third arrow is green in color with year 2000 and a three-bar stock icon on it. Starting from right to left for the left arrows, the first arrow is yellow colored with year 2005 and a hand icon on it. The second arrow is rust colored with year 2010 and an envelope icon. The last arrow is red colored with the year 2015 and a three-leaf clover printed on it.
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