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Halloween Tips for Pets

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Published on 2021-10-22
The below trick-and-Treat infographics shows Halloween tips that have to be followed by your pets. The first tip is Tricky Treats -- Pay attention to what candy is in the house. Chocolate is the main scare, but also, many sugar-free candies contain a toxic chemical called XYLITOL that is dangerous for pets. Do not forget about the wrappers either, as these are also dangerous if swallowed. The second tip is Beware of Lit Pumpkin & Decoration -- these can be knocked over and possibly start a fire. Keep an eye on all decoration & electric cords to avoid choking hazards. The third tip would be to Keep Your Scared Cats Inside & All Pets in a Separate Room -- Too many strangers & chaos can give your pet anxiety. They may even become unusually protective or aggressive. You may even consider creating them to help contain them, so they feel more comfortable, safe, and secure.
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