Energy Pyramid

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Published on 2021-10-29
What we have here is a dichotomous keys graphic organizer depicting the food-energy pyramid. The diagram is to be read from bottom to top. At the lowest level, primary producers are located. Above them, Primary consumers are located. One level up, Secondary consumers are located. Above them, Third level consumers are located and at the top level Apex Predators are located. The diagram also explains how much energy is transferred from bottom to top level and also how energy is lost as heat at each level. The diagram depicts all the levels of the energy pyramid as Decomposers and the recycled nutrients make their way back into the food pyramid- energy transfer process. The pictorial description of Sun’s energy can be easily understood as well. The diagram utilizes colors and geometric shapes to explain the entire concept of food pyramid-energy transfer. Such diagrams prove effective in making students understand biological concepts easily.
pyramid diagram
Energy Pyramid
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