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Reflected Ceiling Plan Lighting

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Published on 2021-10-29
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1. Introduction

An apartment includes all items necessary for a household to live in. Hence, the reflected ceiling plan for an apartment includes all the necessary details in an apartment as seen from the above. An apartment comprises a number of bedrooms, a dining room, one or more living rooms, bathrooms, one or more kitchens, etc. An apartment layout usually includes the primary furniture items as well. For example, the layout shows a symbol of the dining table as seen from above in the dining room. 

The kitchen layout includes symbols of the stove, the sink, and so on. The washroom layout includes symbols of the commode, basin, etc. Besides these furniture items, lighting elements, sensor elements, etc., are also presented in a reflected ceiling plan for apartments.

2. What is Reflected Ceiling Plan

A Reflected Ceiling Plan is an architectural drawing in which the plan of a ceiling is projected on a flat plane directly below, showing the orientation of various electrical or mechanical devices within the ceiling.

3. What Includes in a Reflected Ceiling Plan

A Reflected Ceiling Plan (or RCP) is a survey drawing that depicts things that are positioned in or on the ceiling.
Features that are decorative.
Vents in the ceiling.
There is air conditioning.
Signs directing you to the exit.
Fixtures for evacuating.
Sprinkler systems are a type of sprinkler system that is used to

4. How to Create a Reflected Ceiling Plan

- Maintain your budget because you do not need to renovate everything at once; the trick is to renovate a few things at a time.

- The best design is one that is both innovative and practical; the worst design is one that is neither.

- Keep in mind that you should select the proper style and level of detail based on your or your client's requirements.

- Always double-check your measurements; if they're off by even a fraction of an inch, the whole thing is invalidated, and you'll have to repeat the process.

- Use the symbols appropriately and place them where they are needed; Do not overcrowd the sketch with things; the bare minimum will suffice to make your design appealing.
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