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Database System ER Diagram

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Publish time:11-12-2021
database ER Diagram
An ER diagram demonstrates the structure of a database using a diagram called an Entity Relationship Diagram. An Entity Relationship model is a database design or blueprint that can later be used to create a database. The E-R diagram's two main components are entity sets, attribute sets, and relationship sets. Such a diagram is used to show the interrelationship between entity sets. A collection of comparable entities that may or may not contain characteristics is referred to as entity sets. An entity in a database management system is an attribute of a table or a table; hence an ER diagram depicts the whole logical structure in a database by displaying relationships between tables and their characteristics. Entity sets are represented by a rectangle and Attributes are represented by Ellipses. Relationship Set Lines are diamond-shaped lines that connect characteristics to Entity Sets and Entity Sets to Relationship Sets.
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Database System ER Diagram