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Cross-Functional Flowchart for Warehouse and Shipping

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Elmira Cielo Lara
Published on 2021-11-16
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A cross-functional flowchart illustrating sales, credit, billing, warehouse, and shipping would show the various departments involved in fulfilling orders. The process would begin with a sales representative taking an order from a customer, which would then be forwarded to the credit department for approval. Once the order is approved, it will be sent to the warehouse for fulfillment. The warehouse would then retrieve the necessary items from the inventory and prepare them for shipping. The billing department would generate an invoice for the order, which would be sent to the customer along with the shipment. The shipping department would then arrange for order transportation to the customer using various shipping methods such as ground, air, or sea. Throughout the process, inventory subsidiaries would be maintained to keep track of the stock levels of each product, allowing the warehouse to quickly replenish any items that are running low. Use EdrawMax to create a similar diagram for your projects. EdrawMax offers a wide range of similar templates that helps beginners and professionals in creating great-looking diagrams.
Cross Functional Flowchart
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Cross-Functional Flowchart for Warehouse and Shipping
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