HMS ER Diagram

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Alia Parveen
Published on 2021-11-22
The following Hospital System ER (Entity Relationship) Diagram represents the model of Hospital System Entity. The EN Diagram here shows all the visual instruments of database tables and the relations between Patients, Nurses, Hospitals, Medicines, the Admin, the Account Department, and more. As you will learn in the Hospital System ER Diagram, such diagrams use structure data and define the relationships between structured data groups for the Hospital Management System. In the Hospital System ER Diagram, the main entities would be hospitals, Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Medicines, and more. You should use EdrawMax Online to create a similar-looking ER Diagram for your project. The free ER Diagram creator comes with some amazing features (free templates, free symbols, export in multiple formats, and more) that ease your efforts in making the ER Diagram for your ongoing projects.
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HMS ER Diagram
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