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Blood Donation Activity Diagram

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anamaria raita
Published on 2021-11-22
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In the blood donation activity diagram, we see two main methods of obtaining blood from a donor. The most frequent is simply taking the blood from a vein as whole blood. This blood is typically separated into parts, usually red blood cells and plasma since most recipients need only a specific component for transfusions. The activity diagram below shows that after login user can manage all the operations on Blood Cells, Stock, Blood, Donor, and Patient. These various objects interact throughout the Activity, and the user will not be able to access the page without first identifying their identity. As represented in the blood donation activity diagram below, an activity diagram is a behavioral diagram that depicts the behavior of any system. It should be noted here that an activity diagram describes business processes and uses cases to document the implementation of system processes. EdrawMax Online comes with free activity diagram templates that are fully customizable. One can import the data from the computer or Google Drive and start working on the blood donation activity diagram as required.
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Blood Donation Activity Diagram
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