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Retailing Project Floor Plan

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Nova Mae Rebuyon
Published on 2021-11-25
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In the retailing project floor plan, we see how the retail store has assigned specific areas to pants, skirts, shirts, sale items, dressing room, cashier counter, and more. As the retailing project floor plan suggests, the view's orientation is downward from above, but unlike a conventional map, a floor plan is drawn at a particular vertical position. It should be noted here that the floor plan is a measured drawing to scale the layout of a floor in a building. A top or bird's eye view does not show an orthogonally projected plane cut at the typical four-foot height above the floor level. EdrawMax Online comes with free floor plan templates that help create the floor plan diagram for your professional usage. In the floor plan diagram below, the entrance and other doors are properly marked, making the diagram more efficient.
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Retailing Project Floor Plan
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