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Mental Health Timeline

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Published on 2021-12-10
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Create a time to illustrate the rise of mental hospitals in the United States. As the below timeline suggests, in the early 1955’s there were over 11,000 people admitted to a public mental hospital. President Kennedy then signed a Community Mental Health Act in 1963. Later under his presidency, President Carter signed a Mental Health Systems Act that helped hundreds of thousands of patients all across the nation. Later in 1994, over 3,239 patients were admitted to another public mental hospital. It should be noted here that The very first step to creating a timeline for your project is to create an outline of your timeline and then picking up a layout that best defines your infographic. You can use free timeline makers like EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online to use predefined layouts that ease your job. After finalizing a layout, you can create a framework to add dates, texts, and images. Depending upon your project, you can even embellish the timeline with cool colors, fonts, and decorative shapes. The layouts presented by EdrawMax are 100% customizable, and you can edit them as per your requirement.
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Mental Health Timeline | EdrawMax Template
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