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Human Being Timeline

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Captain O Captain
Published on 2021-12-10
A history student can create a timeline depicting the birth of Ramasses II and the events that led to Victoria becoming the Queen of Great Britain in 1837. After the birth of Ramasses II in 1302 BC and before Common Era, Columbus reached America in the 1492 Common Era. Take 1302 years for Ramasses from BC until Common Era, or AD on the timeline in the below diagram. As the image suggests, an event timeline is the alignment of time, a chronological statement, to define a certain chain of events or activities that happened at a particular phase. Instead of using complex software that requires you to pay a hefty sum, you can use the free timeline maker EdrawMax that provides you 100% customizable free templates. After your editing, you can share these timeline diagrams in PNG, JPG, or PDG, or any other format deemed required from your side
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