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Simple School Map

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Published on 2021-12-24
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Present here is a school map represented in a pictorial manner. Various icons and symbols are used to depict the important landmarks of schools, parks, libraries, eateries, etc. In fact in this particular town map or city map, a water body like the sea or an ocean is depicted not by using the color blue. Rather the icon of a boat or waves is drawn to show the water body. Similarly, grey or brown color isn't used to show the road. Rather, the icon of a car or truck is drawn to show a road. This is not just a colorful and well-drawn map of a city or a town, it also makes use of icons to show the main locations. Such a city map or town map is self-explanatory and proves navigation an easy task. Anybody can use this city map or town map and find their way to any location.
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Simple School Map
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