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The Tourism Global Value Chain

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-12-31
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Tourism is a labor-intensive field with workers participating in multiple sectors cumulatively representing the tourism industry. The following tourism global value chain (VGC)diagram shows outbound and inbound countries. This graphic will use the global value chain (VGC) framework to understand global tourism upgrading themes and how workforce development initiatives are linked to this upgrading process. The tourism VGC follows the tourist's "footprint"; that is, the series of their interactions with firms and includes the distribution, transport, lodging, and excursion segments. EdrawMax is one of the leading free value chain diagram makers in the market. The free value chain diagram maker has tons of predefined templates that allow you to customize the layout as per your requirement. You can also choose to create the value chain diagram from scratch if you want, as EdrawMax has free value chain symbols that make the entire process extremely easy.
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The Tourism Global Value Chain
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