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Infograhic Resume

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Published on 2022-01-06
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An Infographic resume places core emphasis on the visual depiction of your technical skills and work experience. All the important parameters of your career are depicted in the form of graphs, timelines and bar charts. This is dissimilar to a traditional resume which is completely based on text. The differentiating feature of graphic design elements improve the marketability of the resume in the eyes of the interviewer and increase the probability of your success in the final round. Design skills and graphics are the core competencies for making an Infographic resume reach the top tier. Infographic resume templates are incorporated with the classic design principles which decrease the degree of distraction and help the individual to stay relevant by presenting a targeted resume. An Infographic resume helps you to weave a story in a compelling way in front of the interviewer and gives you a chance to enunciate your core skills and technical competencies in a way that is helpful to the organization and its financial bottom line. A recent survey among engineering freshers has highlighted the importance of a two column Infographic resume format also known as the pink timeline. Candidates report that more than 87 per cent of recruiters have responded to the initial application when the Infographic resume contains a two-column format.
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Infograhic Resume
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