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Syiqin Azrin Floor Layout

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Syiqin Azrin
Published on 2022-01-15
This is Syiqin Azrin layout of floor plan. A floor plan is a sketch that depicts the arrangement of a home or property from the top down. Walls, windows, doors, and stairs, as well as fixed installations like bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinetry, and appliances, are often depicted on floor plans. Floor plans are often scaled drawings that show room kinds, sizes, and wall lengths. They may also incorporate outside areas and display furniture configurations.
A floor plan is a diagram or visual representation of the interior of a house as seen from above. It contains major aspects of the house like as doors, windows, stairs, and primary furniture, as well as the arrangement of walls. It also transmits the names and sizes of the rooms, as well as the distances between them.
floor plan
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Syiqin Azrin Floor Layout
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