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Mammalian Cell Analogy Chart

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Published on 2022-01-21
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Analogies are powerful tools to help students understand new information/concepts. For example, the below analogy chart on Mammalian Cell and Factory depicts the similarities and differences between the Factory and Mammalian Cell. These Analogies can help students perceive similarities and differences between a new concept and something familiar in their lives. The below analogy chart illustrates that both mammalian cells and factories are identifiable units, a cell is a part of a larger organism just as a factory is a part of society, and both use raw materials and convert them into different products. At the same time, there are certain differences between the two, namely: a mammalian cell is living, whereas a factory is a non-living structure made up of bricks, cement, wood, etc. In addition to this, a cell produces proteins for internal use, whereas factories produce products for internal and external use. Use EdrawMax Online to create more analogy chart diagrams for your use.
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Mammalian Cell Analogy Chart
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