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Yoga Infographic Poster

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31-10th-I-Anirudh Patil
Published on 2022-02-20
Here is an infographic poster about yoga and there are 8 mini-pictures illustrating yoga information. Yoga does not speak to union as an idea, a philosophy, or a notion to be absorbed. If you vouch for the commonness of the cosmos as an intellectual theory, it may make you popular at a tea party and give you a certain social status, but it serves no other purpose. Yoga is defined as "something which leads you closer to truth." It literally translates to "unity." Individual expressions of life are surface bubbles in the process of creation, therefore union gets you to the ultimate reality. A coconut tree and a mango tree have both sprung from the same soil. The human body, as well as many other organisms, have arisen from the same ground. It's all there.
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Yoga Infographic Poster
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