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8 Pin Relay Wiring Diagram

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Published on 2022-02-23
The following image illustrates the eight-pin relay base wiring diagram. In the electrical engineering world, such a relay base wiring network is termed a finder relay or Glass relay. Such an eight-pin relay base wiring system can be implemented in electrical circuits, controlling systems, interlocking systems, and electrical panel boards. As we see below, the eight-pin relay base can be used for relay and timer where we have two pins for coil trigger voltage, two pins are common, two pins are normally closed, and two are normally open. It should be noted here that a writing diagram is a simplified 2D representation of an electrical circuit, so when you work on your eight-pin relay base wiring diagram, ensure to properly use the text and correctly use the symbols and legends.
circular diagram
wiring diagram
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8 Pin Relay Wiring Diagram
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